by Bellicoma

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The purposed second coming album was cut short and released as an EP in 2007.

Rendered Useless Records


released May 5, 2007

tIMothy Francis - Guitars/Bass/Vocals
Jennifer Cione - Drums



all rights reserved


Bellicoma Seattle, Washington

bel·li·cose - [adjective]
demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight.

co·ma - [noun]
a state of deep unconsciousness that lasts for a prolonged or indefinite period, caused especially by severe injury or illness.

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Track Name: All Things Deceitful
Here is the Conclusion to complete the chapter of lifeless endless tragedy.
Loving you is just so god damned easy to do. Because you are so much
like me.
Together we are so unique and trite-fully understanding more when you
are gone.
We had our fun, we had our fun. I think we had our fun while it
lasted. Didn't last, not for long. Let's just sing our song. . .

You once said you loved your life, is that a lie?
Save it for your love of lust for what you want.
You need, you want, you have to have, it's all the same.
You can't get it back because once it's gone, it's gone.

Now i cry for no apparent reason just so you can understand me a little better.
Together we'll see it through until the end. Now it's time to think this all through.
Have we gone about this the right way. Have we gone about this at all the right
The ideas seem like they are ours until we share them with one another.
Then they become everyone else's.
What's going on? Do you know? I don't think I do.
Please allow me to clamber at your feet. The complications have become
so soft and sweet.
Let's not lie anymore, let's stand on our two feet.

You once said you loved your life, is that a lie?
Save it for your love of lust for what you want.
Track Name: Waste Away
~Waste Away~
I no longer need to deceive myself.
I know it's tasteless but i need to
express to you just how i feel.
Locked inside my dark and lonely home.
Things won't change for me at all.
Somehow i remain here in a place where i least want to be.
Why do i stand here if i hate the way i lie.
Don't you talk to me like you know how i feel.
Is this how you want me to be every single day.

Life won't wait for the ones that won't change themselves.
You changed!
. . . i don't know what I'm capable of anymore i don't know how it feels to live in happiness.

i sit and watch as people smile and laugh and enjoy what they have as every single day torments me.
Live in the ghetto and work a shit job
and do nothing to show for anything at all. That's my life and i love how it
When will it end?

Sit back and watch. i'll sit while you just watch me in disbelief at how misery continues to grow as i sit by.

You set me up to wait.
You set me up to waste away.
Life seems to flee away, the older you get the further the reach for your dreams. i hope it all ends before it ends
Track Name: Mischief Arises
I'm here just to state my case and bury my name
With my own words thrown back right at me
I mix the plot around just to make it profound
You'll notice I'm gone in the light of tomorrows sun.
Passing time just so I don't get bored
This time, I think I just might make it.