by Bellicoma

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Bellicoma was accidentally conceived in a hot and poorly ventilated back room. From the moment the unexpected product of that sweaty passion reared it's wailing head, it has been the object of our love and affection, growing undeniably and unregrettably stronger by the hour.

The male half of Bellicoma becomes its voice. The female half of Bellicoma becomes its backbone. It stands tall and screams loud.

An LP was born on August 15, 2005.

Rendered Useless Records


released August 15, 2005

tIMothy Francis - Guitars/Vocals
Jennifer Cione - Drums



all rights reserved


Bellicoma Seattle, Washington

bel·li·cose - [adjective]
demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight.

co·ma - [noun]
a state of deep unconsciousness that lasts for a prolonged or indefinite period, caused especially by severe injury or illness.

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Track Name: Aegri Somnia
I do exist but not in most thoughts
My frustration is beyond my head
The words I speak have no value
I’m so damn selfish me, me
I want out I want away
I love to hide, hide away
Why am I such a wreck?
Why am I such a recluse?

I regress and I retry
I never understand what I say
I stand up but that’s still too low
I can’t socialize but I still try

I think I’m clever but I only outsmart myself
Track Name: Lethargy
I never meant to treat you wrong
But now is not the time to tell
the stories
Let’s let it pass us by
Now’s the time to act like it never
We’re so damn smooth so damn smooth
Define the design
Divide the divine
Decide the decline
Combine and align
It’s nice to not sound the same
Why do we feel the same
about certain things of how we take certain measures to take take plans take take me
I’ll take them all so I won’t have to
return. . .
Track Name: Take
Here we are
A species unique in greed
With bellies full of stallion meat
Hogs of seven continents,
Sins and seas
Lustful lives of coveting cash
Overpopulate and t-t-t-take
Take up space
Take each other and take all else
Thieving raping cheating liars
You can keep your sell-out contracts
You corporate frauds
Milking plowing mining building
Destroying the land and t-t-t-take take take
Political puppeteers
Smug behind their bullshit
Invade the nation
T-t-t-take the land
And take the lives
And shake the hand
To seal a deal
To get them more
Never enough for the breed of takers
T-t-t-take take take
Wishing we could take it all back
Track Name: Burning Bridges
~Burning Bridges~
Burn your bridges right to the ground
Never pay no mind
Burn your friends right to the ground
And get high from the fumes
All of the bombs they drop on the ground
And leave no trace behind
Leave no trace or place
Levitate out of this place
And the man that pulled the orders
He came out from behind
Complaints are made unto the council now
And they don’t care what it reads
Got nothing to say to you but
I’ll tell you this one thing
You were running scared
But you said all the wrong damned things
You wanted to see the way out
Never learn your lessons
You learn your lessons
You never learn your lessons
Track Name: Aegri Somnia II
I bide my time and stay behind
I can’t resist I’m too inclined
Please walk with me inside my mind
It’s too unsafe without a guide

Wrecking trains and roller coasters
My urges fight against the others
I wanna leave I wanna stay
I think I should move on and mate

You bite your tongue you’ve crossed the line
You should have learned from the first time
I thought I knew about your kind
It’s all my fault I closed my eyes
Track Name: Just Deserts
You forget that what you did was really wrong
You forget that what you did was awfully wrong
You forget that he’s on his way he’s coming home
You forget that now he’s home now he’s home
You forget that now he’s angry now he’s mad
You forget he’ll make you turn black and blue
You forget that now he says he fucking hates all of you

Come on kid shut your face
I’ll show you some violent grace
It will be for your own good

You think you can say fuck this and fuck that
But then he will be on your ass really fast
Hide as much as you can
But in the end it won’t matter at all

I agree
Track Name: Blaming Victims
We’ll slam it in
With forced will
This thing I wanna kill
If it tastes bad we’ll just keep eating
Like a senseless beating
I’ll sit with my hand
I’ll sit with my gun
That’s the main course of communication
Like force-fed masturbation
That’s the nature of . . .
Why don’t you just give up
All of your dreams
Sit back and waste away
Watch the damn TV all day
You lost me in the conversation
If the show was good then I had no idea